Our Story

At Hayes Detail Products, we don't just sell car cleaning products – we craft experiences that transform your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary. Our journey began back in 2001 when Matt Hayes turned his love for cleaning cars into a thriving detailing business in Dundas, Ontario. But our story goes back even further, rooted in Matt's childhood spent alongside his father, cleaning cars for their family-owned used car lot, RW Auto. This early connection with cars ignited a lifelong passion for transforming vehicles into works of art.

With over two decades of experience under our belt, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Matt's devotion to restoring vehicles to showroom perfection is matched only by his desire to create something bigger than just a local detail shop. This aspiration came to life during a conversation with his good friend JJ Vola, which shares the same love for cool cars and badass Harley's.

Realizing a gap in the Canadian market, the duo have set out to create the next largest, well-known car cleaning brand that proudly bears the "Made in Canada" label. Hayes Detail Products was born out of a shared vision to bring not only exceptional car cleaning solutions to the market but also an entire automotive community centered around our passion.

Our commitment to Canada runs deep. We take pride in being a brand that is authentically Canadian, and we are dedicated to supporting our local communities. Through our partnership with local charities and our annual car shows, we're not just here to sell products; we're here to make a positive impact.

What truly sets us apart is our diverse team and the culture that fuels our innovation. Matt Hayes, a connoisseur of classic cars, brings a touch of timeless elegance. JJ's passion for import cars infuses our brand with an international flair, this adds a rugged and adventurous spirit to our identity.

We don't just want to be a brand; we want to be a movement. A movement that empowers every car enthusiast, every vehicle owner, to embrace the joy of keeping their prized possessions in pristine condition. We believe that luxury shouldn't be exclusive – it should be accessible. That's why we're committed to making high-quality car care an affordable and regular part of your routine.

Our vision stretches far beyond today. Our aspiration is to become the next largest Car Cleaning Brand in Canada, and we're unyielding in our pursuit of that goal. We're not just here to detail cars; we're here to detail dreams. So, whether you're a classic car expert, an import lover, a truck enthusiast, or simply someone who takes pride in their ride, Hayes Detail Products welcomes you to a world where passion meets performance.

Join us on this exhilarating ride as we redefine car care, community, and the very essence of what it means to drive in style.

"We Make Your Ride Shine" - Hayes Detail